New to Berwick – Farmers’ Market!

We are proud to introduce a new winter farmers’ market in Berwick, Maine, sponsored by the Berwick Downtown Vision Committee’s Sustainability Subcommittee and the town’s Recreation Department.

The first season of the Berwick Winter Farmers’ Market promises to be an exciting one.  The market will take place in the Town Hall, where over 20 vendors will offer a wide variety of food and farm-based products.  The Berwick Downtown Vision Committee and other community groups will also be present to share news of other local projects.  Live musicians will play on stage, and special presentations will take place just outside the main hall.

This market arose partly from a downtown revitalization effort begun in 2012.  In spring of 2013, a town-wide survey conducted by the Berwick Downtown Vision Committee yielded over 500 responses.  The survey expressed how much residents love the small town feel and open landscape of Berwick.  It also revealed their desire for a stronger downtown center.  94% favored bringing vendor markets, such as farmers’ markets, to Berwick.  The 2014 winter market is an answer to this survey and one of many efforts to bring this community and others together in downtown Berwick.

Join us!  See how the harvest continues long after the frost!

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