Who’s at the market


We are thrilled to announce the following vendors for this season:

  • Annette’s Gardens – Rivards Farm: jams and jellies, vegetables, eggs
  • Beedandy: pure & natural products for body, bath, and home
  • Berry Best Farm: jams from their fruit, baked goods, raw honey, tote bags from recycled animal feed bags
  • Buddha’s Burning Buns: Granola, cookies, bars and other baked goods, recycled cork trivets
  • Cricket Corner Soapworks/Vintage Garden Jellies: herbal and goat milk soaps, skin care products, herbal teas, herbal & wine jams, jellies, pickles, preserves, relishes, baked goods
  • Flying Goat Farm: goat cheese, chevre, feta, hard cheese, select cuts of goat meat and pork
  • Frelsi Farm Icelandics: grass fed Icelandic lam, pasture raised whole chickens, eggs, Icelandic wool yarn
  • Hickory Nut Farm: cave aged goat milk cheese, yogoatgurt, goat milk fudge and waddles, goat milk soap
  • Chef’s Cove: pies, quick breads, pastries, cookies, brownies, coffee
  • Karimah’s Kitchen Lebanese Cuisine: Lebanese/Middle Eastern food, hummus, tabouleh, falafel, grape leaves, pita breads, and pastries.
  • Late Light Farm: seasonal vegetables and herbs, dreamcatchers, handmade hemp jewelry, sheepskins, handmade wooden toys
  • Leaven: bread
  • Maine Herb Farm: chicken and duck eggs, garlic, specialty potatoes, root vegetables, herbal products
  • Maine Saltwater Creations: gluten-free foods, seafood cakes, soup, chowder, small casseroles, fresh haddock (when available)
  • Our Farm: Grass-fed beef, pork (heritage breeds & pasture raised), chicken and duck eggs, organic mushrooms, baked goods
  • Pies, Pickles, and Potions: unscented lotions and creams, fruit pies, frosted cakes, whoopie pies, cookies, bars, pickles, and jams
  • Riverside Farm: vegetables, apple cider and potato donuts, relishes, fruit spreads, honey brussels sprouts, dry beans
  • Shady Mountain Farm: maple syrup; honey; chaga mushroom tea and tincture, and salve; herbal tinctures and salves; foraged mushrooms; wild nuts; wooden bird houses & boot jacks; African market baskets
  • Shagbark Farm: organic vegetables, root vegetables, greens, squashes, leeks and shallots
  • Silvery Moon Creamery: cows’ milk cheese and yogurt, wooden cheese boards, wooden gift boxes
  • Spiritwind Farm: eggs, goat milk soaps, moisturizer, and lip balms
  • The Soup Guy: gluten-free, vegan soups
  • Top of the Hill Farm: beef, pork, lamb, whole chicken, maple syrup, apples, winter squash, eggs
  • Two Toad Farm: vegetables, herbs, fruits, eggs

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