Spreading the love through food

At the December 20th Farmers’ Market we will be collecting fresh food donations for House of Hope, a food pantry and soup kitchen in Berwick. House of Hope runs a free community restaurant three nights a week. They served over 15,000 people in 2014 and estimate that they will have served over 16,000 people (3,000 of those were children) by the end of this year. They are doing amazing work at getting food to people in our community who need it. 

Here is how you can help too: When you come to the market by an extra onion, bunch of carrots, potatoes, lettuce or any other fresh food you like and put it in the donation box at the top of the stairs. All of the food will then be taken to House of Hope to be used either in their free community restaurant, or to be given out as part of their food pantry support to local people. 

This holiday season, I hope you will join us in spreading the joy of the season by sharing some fresh local food with our neighbors. 

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