Eating local in the winter can be tricky

We’ve gotten to that point in the winter where all of the apples I had wrapped individually in newspaper have been eaten or have gone rotten. The squashes in the attic are gone too, and only the dregs of the sage I dried in the fall remain. Local farm stands are closed for the winter and I have to resort to scanning the grocery store produce department labels until I find apples from Maine. Sometimes eating local takes extra work. But this weekend it will be easy to eat local, because there’s the Winter Farmers’ Market! I am so thankful for the farmers who keep growing and storing vegetables to bring to this market. It’s time for me to stock up!

Besides all of the local food, there’s another reason to come along to the market on Sunday – a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Black Trumpet Bistro. We will give away free raffle tickets to the first 100 visitors to the market. After the tickets are gone we will draw a ticket and one lucky person will take home the gift certificate.

See you at the market!

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